Why do we need gps signal jammers?

Why do we need gps signal jammers?

Nowadays, information protection is not just reinsurance, but a really vital necessity. The more advanced technology is, the more opportunities for ill-wishers to gain access to your personal or commercial secrets.

Bugs, wiretaps, and other means of secretly obtaining information are becoming more and more compact and functional. If earlier wiretapping was carried out with radio microphones and receiving equipment, which had to be quite close to them, now with so-called GSM bugs malefactors can eavesdrop, located thousands of kilometers away from you through a cellular network. And this is just one example of the use of modern spy technology. In fact, information leakage can occur in different ways. Your movements can be monitored using GPS trackers, listening to your conversations with a variety of bugs, watching through miniature wifi, 3G, and 4G cameras, or even using quadcopters.

Key features of GPS signal jammer

  • Effectively guard against GPS satellite positioning and tracking
  • Efficiently interfere with GPS satellite signals to Secure your personal location and information privacy
  • The GPS car jammer does not affect the normal use of cell phones or other electronic devices when it works
  • With DC fuse protection cycles, don’t worry about some damage to your car
  • Small size, high power, lightweight, Large coverage, and easy to wear

Who uses GPS jammers?

GPS jammers for vehicles are used for a variety of reasons. GPS jammers were last produced by the government and are intended for military use. Hiding a vehicle’s status is critical to mission success. These devices act as a cloak, providing the military with privacy, increased security and an overall advantage in high-risk situations.

In life, some speeding drivers may use encryption devices to prevent police detection and prevent fines. Criminals use GPS jammers as a cover to steal vehicles or to avoid tolls or mileage. In the fleet world, drivers can use GPS scrambling to keep employers from knowing where they are going in a company vehicle.

Does GPS scrambling work?

Yes , GPS jammers or GPS tracker interceptors work, but they have a limited range and can be easily detected by modern trackers with jamming protection technology, for example, police forces can easily detect jammers with jamming detection scanners.

GPS jammer and jammer protection

In areas of particular security importance, the use of sophisticated technology can reduce the impact of GPS jammers. For example, aviation or military applications use special antennas that only receive signals from a certain direction. To use GPS tracking to track cars, trucks or construction equipment in fleets of logistics and transportation, retail, construction or service companies that want to monitor, such technology is relatively inapplicable.

Because of this, there is some residual risk that GPS positioning will be destroyed by risky energy to disable anti-theft maintenance or use of the vehicle for unintended purposes. However, it should also be noted that using a GPS jammer can result in serious criminal penalties. Because the purchase of GPS jammers and their use is not only stopped, but can be very risky because the radiation can also damage sensitive tools.

Criminal police statistics also prove that locating a car or truck with a stationary GPS stop tracker installation is an effective way to detect stolen vehicles, even if they have been taken abroad.

What is a GPS jammer?

GPS signal jammers are small, powerful radio frequency (RF) signal transmitters that can interfere with legitimate communication devices – cell phones, GPS.

What do GPS jammers look like?

Because devices that can jam the GPS come from different manufacturers, they vary greatly in shape, size and dimensions, making them difficult to locate in the driver’s vehicle. More often than not, GPS jammers work in a small area by disabling power sources, such as lighters or iPhones, and blocking the signal from GPS trackers installed in the cab of the car.

Who uses them and why?

GPS jammers are increasingly being used by car thieves looking to avoid detection after a theft since expensive cars are often equipped with GPS trackers for security. There have also been reports of hijackers using jammers on trucks carrying valuable cargo so that truck drivers can’t get help and their managers can’t see them deviate from their normal routes.

But they are also increasingly being used by commercial drivers who want to cover their tracks from their superiors. Vehicle tracking systems have allowed fleet managers to monitor their employees to make sure they are driving safely and within the law, to help them plan their routes effectively, and to ensure they are operating with a safe number.

The introduction of vehicle tracking systems can sometimes be viewed poorly by some drivers, who see it as an invasion of privacy. Perhaps those who are used to using the company car for personal errands or work during work hours. GPS jammers are also common among cab drivers, who like to charge extra fares without their employers’ knowledge and embezzle money.

Even more dangerously, some commercial drivers may use these devices to avoid recording their time and circumvent safe driving time laws.

How exactly do these jammers and blockers work?

GPS (global positioning systems) receivers need signals from 4 or more GPS satellites to get a fix. The satellites are in orbit about 12,000 miles above the ground, and the signal they send out is not very powerful because they rely on solar panels. It’s about the same power as a car headlight illuminating half the planet.

A relatively low-power jammer emitting noise at the same frequencies would easily jam such a weak signal, so the effective range of the jammer can be so great, even though it may be a relatively low-power signal. If you are looking for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless signal jammers, you will find them in this category. Powerful wireless signal jammers, 2.4 GHz wireless signal jammers – https://www.jammer-store.com/wifi-bluetooth-jammers-blockers/

When do jammers not work?

Each jamming device is different, but basic jammers will only work on the frequency used by the GPS (Navstar) GNSS network. This means that navigation systems that can also use the Russian GLONASS network and the European Galileo network can still function normally. In addition, many higher-end vehicle tracking devices use cellular network triangulation to find fixes faster, and will still be able to determine their location using these means.

Many vehicle trackers integrate with the vehicle’s CAN bus and connect to the vehicle’s power source, sending data updates over the cellular network every few seconds. Jamming the GPS will not affect this data transfer unless the GSM phone network is also jammed, so the perpetrator will soon be detected.

How widely are they used?

In late 2011, a study was conducted using a network of covert listening stations in areas of the UK that were experiencing unexplained distortions in GPS reception equipment. Among the organizations involved were Ordnance Survey, Thatch am Security and the police. The Chronos Technology study found that as many as 10 jammers occur every day in some areas, and suggested that thousands of jammers could be in use across the country.

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